An Integrated Learning Program for 8th Graders
Post-Lottery Presentation for next year's Soundings group, Soundings XVIII, will be tomorrow at 6:30, in room 310.
The 20 girls and 20 boys whose names were drawn from the lottery, as well as the first 5 on the Waiting List have been invited to attend tomorrow's meeting.
We are looking forward to seeing you all Wednesday night!   
Soundings XVII  
 2016 Canstruction Winners
 Canstruction Winners 2016           Canstruction Winners 2016
Radnor Middle School
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 Created by
Mark Springer
 Please feel free to email Mr. Springer with questions regarding the development and/or implementation of this unique program!  In addition, please check out the Integrated Links tab to the left of this page for written resources about Soundings, as well as more information and links regarding student-centered learning.
Currently implemented by
Dave Mercurio and Kyle Yeiter
 When appropriate, please email both of us, as it makes communication more efficient.  Thank you!
SOUNDINGS challenges eighth graders to explore student-selected themes that merge their adolescent concerns with global issues.
It works something like this: following a process of asking, analyzing, and grouping lots of questions, the class works together to decide which questions they most want to study. These then become our themes for the year. For each theme selected, students learn to set goals and objectives, develop and initiate plans to achieve those aims, present their results, and assess their performance.
As they experience this process with its emphasis on both quality performance and higher order thinking skills such as analysis, synthesis and assessment, students master essential skills and concepts from all academic disciplines and apply them to real world issues.
This website serves as a resource for current Soundings students and their families, as well as people interested in learning more about what we do.  We encourage students and their parents/guardians to access this website often, using the calendar, list of ongoing responsibilities, schedules of due dates, daily log questions, weekly quotations, self assessments, and tabs for other major assignments, to complete and manage your work.  
Whether a current student, parent/guardian, or an educator interested in this type of learning, please feel free to email us with questions or concerns!  
When appropriate, please email both of us, as it makes communication more efficient and allows us to respond in a more timely fashion.  
Thank you!  
Dave Mercurio and Kyle Yeiter