Dear Parents and Guardians of 8th grade students:

We are pleased to welcome you and your student to the 8th grade Family and Consumer Science program.  Our comprehensive curriculum enables us to provide your child with a wide variety of units that encourage hands-on experiences for the adolescent learner.  This class meets every-other day for one semester.  Therefore, we will have approximately 45 classes.  Some homework will be assigned.   Each student must supply his own 3-clasp folder with pockets and pens/pencils.  This is an elective class in which several field trips are taken into our Radnor community.  You will receive a permission slip to sign so that we may take your student from our building.

Our 8th grade curriculum consists of 5 units. If your child has FaCS in the Fall, our Foods unit revolves around the Chesapeake and preparing foods particular to that area.  Our Spring semester students are involved in labs centered around various themes or holidays!  Please alert your teacher if your child has any food allergies!

Our  Nutrition unit will emphasis MyPlate guidelines and the practical application of this new eating guide.  We also stress healthy decision-making at fast food restaurants.

We all know that adolescents have money to spend, so instruction in good money management is stressed in our Consumerism unit.  Budget, banking, advertising and on-line shopping are also studied as part of this unit.

Teen years can be tough for teens and their parents.  Our Family Relationships unit helps students to develop the relationships skills needed for better communication skills, peer relationships, and being a good family member.

Community service is a large part of the FaCS curriculum.  Our Sewing unit uses various outlets in our community to enhance their needs with our students’ sewing skills.  Examples of projects include costumes for the 8th grade musical, heart-shaped pillows for cardiac-care patients in a local hospital, pillow cases for ConKerr Cancer patients, and quilts for Project Linus.

We are always amazed at the growth and maturity of your child as we see them progress through 6, 7, and 8th grade.  Our hope is that they will continue to explore offerings of life-long skills classes as they progress through their academic careers.

Thank you,

Maureen McConnell