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BibliographyCreate, Edit, & Insert a BibliographyTeaches you how to create, edit, and insert a bibliography for Internet pictures, Internet documents, Books, Magazines, etc.
Teaches you how to use borders for text or an entire page within your document.
Changing Font Size and Type
Shows you how to change your font type and/or font size within your document.
Changing Text Direction in Word
Step-by-step guide for changing text direction in Microsoft Word.
Choosing Bullets and Numbering
Shows you how to choose from various types of Bullets/Numbers for your document.
Shows you how to create columns within a document, with or without a line between the columns.
Compressing PicturesCompressing Pictures on Your Hard Drive and/or Within a DocumentThis document shows you how to reduce your picture file size on your hard drive, flash drive, and/or within a document using Microsoft Office 2007.
Copying Pictures from Website to Word
If you wish to place a picture from the Internet into a Word document, these directions will help you do this (don"t forget to site source).
Copying Text from Website to Word
If you wish to copy text from the Internet and place it in a Word document, these directions will help you do this (don"t forget to site source).
Creating a Folder
This will show you how to create a folder on your computer to help you be more organized.
Creating Footnotes and Endnotes
Step-by-step guide for inserting footnotes and endnotes in a document.
Cut, Copy, and Paste
Shows you how to cut and paste or copy and paste items within your document.
Difference Between Save and Save As
Shows you when to use "Save" and "Save As" when saving a document to your floppy disk or hard drive.
Fills (Shading), Gradients, and EffectsFills (Shading) and/or Effects to a Text BoxPutting colors and shades of colors or textures within a text box.
Find FeatureFind/Replace/Go To FeaturesHelps you search a document to find a particular word, phrase, or format.
Go To FeatureGo To/Find/Replace FeaturesHelps you go to a particular page, section, footnote, etc. within the document.
Hanging Indentions
When creating a Bibliography or Reference page, the second and succeeding lines are usually indented. 
Headers and Footers
This will put your name, page number, date, teacher"s name, etc. on EVERY page.  Header = Top, Footer = Bottom 
How to Bold, Italicize, and Underline
This shows you how to add emphasis to your document with BOLD, ITALICS, or UNDERLINE.
Inserting a Picture/Graphic
Shows you how to insert a picture or clip art into your document.
Line Spacing
Shows you how to change your line spacing from single space to double space or triple space.
Page Breaks
Creates a NEW page without hitting the Enter key constantly.
Page NumbersInserting Page Numbers
This will show you how to put page numbers on your document.
Paragraph SpacingSpacing Before and After ParagraphsShows you how to create extra spacing between paragraphs.
Replacing Words
If you tend to use the same word over and over in a document and wish to replace some or all of the words with a new word.
Setting Margins
Shows you how to change the margins on your document.
Spelling and Grammar Check
Shows you how to check the spelling and/or grammar in your document.
Superscript and Subscript
This site shows you how to create superscripts (raised) and subscripts (below) within your document.
SymbolsHow to Insert a Symbol
Shows you how to insert a symbol, foreign language character, and/ or wingdings/webdings character into your document.
TablesInserting a TableThis document shows you the various ways to insert a table into your document.
Thesaurus (Synonyms) Using the Thesaurus (Synonyms)Helps you choose a different word for your document instead of repeating a word several times.
Vertical and Horiztonal Centering
Shows you how to center your document vertically (up and down) and horizontally (left and right).
WordArtInserting WordArtFor enhancement, this shows you how to add WordArt to your document.

Brochure Instructions- Below is the link for a copy of the sample brochure instructions we did in my 6th grade class.