Algebra--Mrs. Mary Ellen Costello

Welcome to Room 304 for Algebra in your eighth grade year. I love math and teenagers so this is a great spot for me. I promise to try my best to be fair and to treat you as I wanted my son treated when he was in eighth grade. In return, I expect no better, but no worse.


Algebra 1 is published by McDougal Littell. Online support for your textbook is available at, where you can access an online edition, extra practice examples, test practice, self-scoring quizzes, flashcards and crosswords, and even interactive electronic activities for key concepts. Your password to this book is on your welcome letter. Please see or email me if you have lost your password. I encourage you to take advantage of this excellent at-home resource.


Notebook:  You need a 3-ring binder divided into 4 sections:  Classwork, Homework, Assessments, and Other.  Additionally, you need loose leaf and graph paper available each day. It is important to come to class prepared with your materials and ready to learn.


Homework:  Homework is assigned daily, including Friday.  It is important for you to try every problem.  You will receive homework credit for an incorrect answer but no credit for a blank sheet.  Should you get home and forget the assignment, go to your Schoology list of assignments.
Grades:  Your marking period grade is the weighted average of tests, quizzes, projects, and a homework completion grade.  Quizzes are usually announced.  Tests are always announced and will be reviewed for in class.


You have been afforded a wonderful opportunity to study high-school level Algebra 1 in the eighth grade. However, if you are in Honors, you must maintain an 80% or higher as your average of assessments to remain in the class. In May all students in Honors Algebra 1 will take the PA Keystone Exam, which is a requirement for high school graduation. Algebra is a rigorous experience. However, I am here each and every day to help you ACHIEVE SUCCESS.