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Do you like Math?  Would you like to learn more than you are learning in class?  This site will help you explore new Math concepts using  virtual manipulatives.  It is a fun site for anyone who likes a challenge.

Vocabulary Fun

Playing with words can improve your reading.  Enjoy!

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Spelling and Word Work


Word Family Patterns


Word pattern association is an integral part of the second grade curriculum. Did you know that the following patterns of word families are present in approximately 500 words in the English language?  Well, you heard it hear!    If your child could learn to identify and spell the following word family patterns, he/she would significantly increase his/her sight vocabulary and spelling ability.



_ack     _ail     _ain     _ake     _ale     _ame     _an     _ank     _ap     _ash    



_aw     __ay    _eat     _ell     _est       _ice       _ick    _ide     _ight     _ill      



_ing     _ink     _ip       _ir     _ock       _oke     _op     _ore     _or      _uck      



_unk   _at     _ate       _in    _ine       _ug     _ump


  Technology Link

The following link will take your child to an interactive  web based site where he/she will engage in a word family sorting activity. This is another fun and engaging way to increase your childs sight word and spelling capabilities.


Word Sorting Activity



Word Build and Bank


Word Family Posters


Click the link below to print out worksheets relating to these patterns


"ack" and "ick""ale" and "at""ame" and "ate""an" and "aw""ank" and "ay""ap" and "eat"
"ask" and "ell""est" and "in""ice' and "ine""ide" and "ink""ight" and "ip""ill" and "uck"

"ing" and "op""ock" and "ug""oke" and "ump""or" and "ake""ore" and "ain""unk" and "ail"