Radnor High School

Music Club


Named after one of the nine Muses in Greek mythology ( the goddess of music and dance), EUTERPE is a Radnor High School club comprised of students who love the arts.  Members include student musicians and poets as well as students interested in pursuing a career in light and sound engineering. 


As a member of Euterpe, you will have the opportunity to perform at monthly coffeehouse concerts and fundraising events.  This is a student run club with faculty advisers that help to facilitate the coordination of events. 

 Student Contacts:
         Lena Donato, President and RHS Junior


         Dr. Donal McGay, Faculty Advisor, RHS Latin Teacher: Donal.McGay@rtsd.org
         Mrs. Leonor Perez, Faculty Secretary, RHS Guidance: Leonor.Gelpi-Perez@rtsd.org


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Coffee House: Saturday, December 7 in the Black Box
Admission is free. Come to play or come to watch. Doors open at 7:00pm.
Performers: Sound check is at 6:00pm.