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This page contains information regarding our Jump Rope for Heart program.

This letter provides the basic information regarding
Jump Rope for Heart. 
~~Dates to remember~~
March 20th - 25th ~ Packets come home
April 3rd - 7th  ~ Jump rope in PE
Wednesday, April 19th ~ Final due date for donations*
*All prizes will be handed out together after the final due date.  This includes the various animals and lanyards.  Please do NOT send in animal coupons separate from the donation envelopes.
www.heart.org/jump ~ visit the Jump Rope for Heart Homepage.  Follow the directions to see how families can take advantage of Jump Rope for Heart online donations.  It's a fast, easy and convenient way to do fundraising. 
Click Here for a list of jump rope skills you can practice with your child/ren at home.  
Please contact Doug Nowak  or Gylene Snyder  if you have any questions about JRfH