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Honor Council

The mission of the Honor Council is to communicate and uphold the Honor Code at Radnor High School. The council is comprised of students elected by their age-mates, plus four faculty members who volunteer.

Members of the Honor Council coordinate the promotion of academic honor throughout the school/community: they represent the school at the annual Leadership & Ethics Conference (sponsored by the West Point Society of Philadelphia, formerly held at Valley Forge MA&C, now at Villanova U.), participate in the training of freshmen and the dissemination of Academic Honor Code information (such as the Honor Statements and posters in 2017) to faculty, and organize and join in ad hoc events.

All students can participate in some Honor-related events, which are advertised throughout the school. These events include Brown Bag lunches at least once per semester, and other events that come up sporadically. Once a student has shown interest, he or she may be invited to participate in further events. Demonstrated interest leads to nomination for the next year's Honor Council election, pending a disciplinary review by the Administration and faculty.

People can get learn more about Honor at RHS online and in the glass display case outside room 115.

Faculty Sponsors: Carl Rosin, Alexis Swinehart, Charlene Mastro, Ken Delaney

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