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Operation Smile

Faculty Sponsor: Jennifer O'Rourke

Operation Smile is an international medical charity that provides
surgeries for children with cleft palate, a birth defect caused by
malnutrition, illness, and drugs from the mother. Children with cleft
palate can frequently experience ear disease, dental problems, speech
development, and difficulty eating.

The Operation Smile Club will engage in several fundraising activities
to raise money cleft palate surgeries, which only cost $240 via the
Operation Smile charity. With our funds we can donate urgently needed
items, medical record supplies, and child life therapy products and
assemble personal care bags for surgery patients. We may also sew
quilts, blankets, and dolls for the children undergoing their
intimidating surgeries.

Meetings: We will meet in room 231 monthly during community period to
discuss our monthly fundraising project and sometimes after school,
depending on the activity and availability of students/members.