Degrees and Certifications:

RHS Extended Learning Program (ELP)

Radnor High School's extended learning after-school tutoring program is open to all RHS students at no cost.

The Extended Learning Program (ELP) launched at RHS in January 2018 and takes place at RHS every Monday and Wednesday from 3:25-4:55 p.m. on the RHS ground floor in Room 018.

There are also evening sessions Monday through Thursday via Zoom from 6-8 p.m. 

All ELP tutors are certified Radnor High School teachers, so they have a keen understanding of what your child is learning in school. Each teacher will utilize various types of instruction during ELP, including small group, one-on-one, and hands-on activities.

Students and parents can access the complete ELP schedule here.


RHS ELP Instructors

  • ENGLISH: Dr. Alexis Swinehart (alexis.swinehart@rtsd.org) and Ms. Fuhr (molly.fuhr@rtsd.org)

    MATH: Ms. Arsha Cipollone (arsha.cipollone@rtsd.org), Mr. Jeffrey (Jeff) Hunsberger (jeffrey.hunsberger@rtsd.org), Mr. Michael (Mike) McBride (michael.mcbride@rtsd.org), Ms. Joanna Rhodes (joanna.rhodes@rtsd.org, and Mr. Thomas (Tom) Rogers (thomas.rogers@rtsd.org)

    SCIENCE: Ms. Amber Andrewlevich (amber.andrewlevich@rtsd.org)

    SOCIAL STUDIES: Ms. Alexandra (Lexie) Katz (alexandra.katz@rtsd.org), Ms. Colleen Myers (colleen.myers@rtsd.org) and Mr. Edward (Ed) Ruby (edward.ruby@rtsd.org)

    STUDY SKILLS AND ORGANIZATION: Ms. Jenny Clark (jenny.clark@rtsd.org) and Ms. Kathryn (Kate) Farnon (kathryn.farnon@rtsd.org)

    WORLD LANGUAGE: Ms. Corinna Segal (corinna.segal@rtsd.org), Mr. Yen Shih (yen.shih@rtsd.org)

Transportation Supported by REF

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    With the support of the Radnor Educational Foundation (REF), bus transportation is provided for students participating in ELP, with buses leaving RHS at 5 p.m. every Monday and Wednesday. Stay tuned for details on RMS transportation.