Degrees and Certifications:

Welcome to the English Department

The Radnor High School English curriculum consists of full-year grade-level courses for freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. In addition to courses carrying “English” credit, the English department offers students opportunities to take courses carrying “Elective” or “Humanities” credit.

Requirements for all students: Students must take one credit in English each year; all students are required to take the appropriate grade-level course; English department members will assist students in choosing courses that match their abilities; students who are English Language Learners may take English for English Language Learners instead of one of the above courses for their English credit.

Call the department office at 610-293-0855 x3620 or x3621 to reach English faculty by telephone.


  • Mr. Joseph Caruolo
    9th Grade English Advanced; 11th Grade American Literature College Prep; Film Analysis I, II

    Ms. Molly Fuhr
    9th Grade English Advanced, Honors; 11th Grade American Literature Advanced; Writing Center

    Mr. Robert Hostetler, Department Chair
    10th Grade World Literature Honors; 12th Grade AP English Literature & Composition
    Mr. Adam Isard
    10th Grade World Literature College Prep, Advanced; 11th Grade American Literature Honors; Writing Center
    Mr. Aaron Kim
    10th Grade Global Issues (Interdisciplinary); 11th Grade American Literature Advanced, Honors
    Mrs. Charlene Mastro
    English Language Learners
    Mrs. Fran Misener
    Instructional Coach
    Mr. T.J. Neary
    10th Grade Global Issues (Interdisciplinary); 10th Grade World Literature Honors
    Ms. Kristen Nield
    9th Grade English College Prep, Advanced; 10th Grade World Literature Advanced
    Mr. Trevor Payne
    9th Grade The American Experiment (Interdisciplinary); Journalism; Writing Center
    Mrs. Kathy Pearsall
    11th Grade AP Language and Composition; 12th Grade AP English Literature & Composition; Writing Center
    Mrs. Janee Peterson
    11th Grade AP Language and Composition; 11th Grade American Literature Advanced; 12th Grade British & Modern Literature Advanced; Writing Center
    Mr. Carl Rosin
    11th Grade Viewpoints on Modern America/AP English Language & Composition (Interdisciplinary); 12th Grade British & Modern Literature Honors; Topics in Philosophy & Writing; Film Analysis I
    Dr. Alexis Swinehart
    9th Grade English Honors; 10th Grade World Literature Advanced; 12th Grade Senior Seminar (Interdisciplinary)
    Mrs. Jessica Verguldi-Scott
    12th Grade British & Modern Literature College Prep; 12th Grade Senior Seminar (Interdisciplinary); Writing Center