Mrs. Andrea Allen

Phone: (610)687-8480 ext.4218


Degrees and Certifications:

BS in Elementary Education BS in Special Education M in Education

Mrs. Andrea Allen


I am excited to be working with third students for the 2017-18 school year!  I work with students that require assistance in the areas of reading, writing, math, or behaviors in the school setting. I work closely with the general education teachers and parents to maintain a high level of communication.

I teach Math In Focus at the third grade level with differentiation and pacing. I work with all students, those with an IEP and those without when I co-teach in the area of Language Arts using the programs "Being A Writer" and "Making Meaning" in conjunction with the district's learning targets. Students get extra support during the intervention/extension time period to work on the foundational concepts they may have areas of weakness in.

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Learning Support

Homework Policy

  • Math Homework is primarily the homework that is issued from me. Math homework will be issued on the given day to reinforce concepts taught in class. If students have not demonstrated independence on the concept taught, the homework will be modified. Additionally, if they struggled and need further support to understand the concept, homework will be issued on another day. Students should be able to complete homework independently at home. All homework is due on Fridays to alleviate the pressure of getting it done in one night's time. I acknowledge that there are important family activities that occurr after school and this allows students to still participate in those activities and get the homework done in time by Friday.

    Additionally, when students are taking a chapter assessment in class or a mid-year assessment, there will be no homework issued.