• Radnor International
    Exchange Program

    Direct exchanges with our partner high schools in Belin, Germany; Kobe, Japan; Puebla, Mexico; and Villefranche, France.


    • The academic year or semester abroad offers students a unique opportunity to develop language and cultural skills in a family home-stay and a native-language high school. Radnor's own program offers direct school-to-school exchange.

    • Radnor gives 5.25 credits for the year exchange and a small stipend for its own program.

    • Parents pay for travel, arrange visas, and usually host inbound exchange students.

    • Hosting opportunities are also available to any Radnor family.

    • Radnor's own program has no fee. Selection is by application, interview, and references.

    • Radnor has more than fifty years of experience in international exchange.

    • Faculty Sponsor: Jennifer O'Rourke, email: jennifer.o'rourke@rtsd.org

    Rotary and AYUSA

    Rotary and AYUSA (Academic Year in the USA) offer opportunities similar to the Radnor Exchange Program. With well-established exchange opportunities to over 70 countries, Rotary and AYUSA make it possible for students to study in virtually any place abroad.