Frequently Asked Questions

    • What countries does we exchange with?
      France, Germany, Japan, and Mexico
    • Who can apply?
      Radnor students in any grade level, including freshmen and graduating seniors, have been successful exchange students.
    • When should I apply?
      A successful exchange begins with good planning. If studying abroad sounds like something you might be interested in, contact Mrs. O'Rourke early in the school year, even if you are only interested in learning more information. Applications for the following school year must be received in full by February 28th of the current school year.
    • Do I have to repeat the year I miss?
      No, Radnor gives three-quarters credit for the year abroad.
    • Does the year abroad affect my college application?
      Positively. Colleges are often impressed with the added maturity, as well as the language and culture skills that you gain from the year abroad.
    • What is the selection committee looking for?
      Primarily motivation. Why do you want to go? Are you willing to take advantage of this as an academic program, to really improve your culture and language skills? A poor transcript may be a subject for discussion, but top grades are not a requirement. The selection committee will decide if they think you will benefit from the exchange, and if the other school will benefit from your being there.
    • Does my family have to host in oder for me to go?
      This is the way the program works. Hosting is a great way to get a feel for studying abroad. Often Radnor families host an exchange student the year prior to the departure of the Radnor student. Some families have hosted while their son or daughter is away. Again, early planning is essential.
    • What if I don't know the language?
      Students that go to Japan rarely know Japanese, and sometimes students go to France and Germany without previous instruction. However, the more language you know on arrival, the easier your experience will be and the more you will come home with.
    • Can my family host a student even if I do not intend to study aboard?
      Absolutely! Hosting an exchange student is an amazing experience and it is a great way to get a taste of what studying abroad is like without leaving home.