Created 8/31/2012

    Radnor High School                           


    Course Syllabus






    Credits:           0.5                                                       Grade:             9-12

    Unweighted                                                                Prerequisite(s): None

    Length:           Year                                                                

    Format:           Meets on cycle days   





    Overall Description  of  Course


    This course, covering basic accompaniment techniques and fundamentals of the instrument, is designed for the students who want to learn how to play the guitar. At the conclusion of this course students will be able to perform simple songs, and accompany singers. No guitar experience is necessary.


    Common Core Standards




    Keystone Connections


    9.1.12.A: Know and use the elements and principles of each art form to create works in the arts and humanities.
       Elements: duration, intensity, pitch, timbre

       Principles: rhythm, genre



    Student Objectives


    1. To develop basic song accompaniment skills on the guitar
    2. To be introduced to guitar techniques used in folk and popular music



    Materials & Texts


    ·         Electric guitars

    ·         Electronic tuner

    ·         Computer and software

    ·         Capo


    ·         Guitar Today Book 1 by Jerry Snyder

    ·         Guitar Today Book 2 by Jerry Snyder

    ·         Sound Innovations for Guitar, Book 1 by Aaron Stang & Bill Purse



    Activities, Assignments, & Assessments


    1. Guitar skills

    a.       Learning to tune the guitar

    b.      Basic chords: D, G, A7,A, Am, E, Em, E7, B7,C, C7,D7

    c.       Strumming for 4/4 and 3/4 time

    d.      Intro to tablature

    e.       Left & right hand skills

    f.       Use of a flat pick

    II. Music information

    1. Introduction to meter and rhythm
    2. How to use songbooks even if you can’t read music
    3. The I,IV, V concept and the role of the dominant 7th chord
    4. Playing in different keys
    5. The musical alphabet; the chromatic scale




         Practice at home and responsibility are critical to success in this course.

        In addition students will be scheduled for sectionals (group work on the music repertoire and/or individual instrumental technique) during their non-scheduled class time. The music reviewed in sectionals has to be practiced at home.



         Each student will, while using their guitar, lead the class in group musical exercise. This is not meant to be a guitar performance, but rather a means for students to practice and experience leading an ensemble in basic accompaniments.



    Basic music vocabulary:

    • Fretboard
    • Neck
    • Nut
    • Bridge
    • Tab



    Media, Technology, Web Resources

    • Fretlight
    • Ultimateguitar.com
    • Guitarpro
    • YouTube