Radnor Physical Education Requirements

  • General

    All 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade Physical Education classes meet four times during a ten day cycle.  Physical Fitness meets eight times during a ten day cycle. All students must take and pass Physical Education every year.  Seniors should check to ensure that all Health and Physical Education requirements are met by consulting with their guidance counselor.


    All students are required to attend class.  A special activity or modified program can be provided for those whose physical condition is limited.  Students with a medical excuse must remain in class and participate within the physical limits determined by a doctor. An unexcused absence may not be made up.  An excused class absence can be made up every Thursday after school during the makeup session from 2:35-3:15pm.


    A student can attain a maximum of 5 points daily on a regular day and 10 points on a block day. Students will be graded on their participation, engagement/effort, attitude, knowledge and skill ( PEAKS ).  At the end of each quarter a numerical grade will be determined and an appropriate letter grade will be assigned according to the Radnor High School grading scale.  Progress reports will be sent near the end of each quarter to those who are failing.


    All students are required to wear the Radnor Physical Education uniform, which can be purchased in the school store.  Students taking swimming are required to wear a dark colored bathing suit.


    Students are responsible and accountable for their own personal belongings.  Many thefts occur in the locker room.  Students are not allowed to share lockers.  Students should purchase a lock to protect their personal belonging.  Students are also not allowed to wear another student’s uniform for personal hygiene reasons.

    Medical Excuse Procedure

    Students may be excused from physical education class for medical reasons provided they bring in a note signed by their doctor.  Students unable to participate in physical activity may not participate in extracurricular sports.  Students missing two weeks or more must have their doctor fill out a modified Physical Education Program Form.  This form may be obtained from the Nurse’s office or from a physical education teacher.  The doctor can fax this form to the school office.  The school fax number is 610-989-9146.  In order to receive a medical excuse on their report card, the student must comply with the assigned alternative activity that meets their needs and the satisfaction of the teacher.