Our Focus in Physical Education

  • As we move through a Physical Education lesson:

    We are learning and practicing physical skills and movements. A huge part of that is self control: learning and practicing to control ourselves.

    • The way we move (physical),
    • The way we think (mental),
    • The way we interact with others (social)

    In other words, we are practicing controlling our muscles physically so that our bodies move the way we want them to; controlling our minds to focus on the task, learn rules, and develop strategies; and controlling our words and actions (even at the height of excitement).

    We most often do:

    • Proper warm up activities including heart exercises, muscle strength and endurance, coordination, balance, and stretching
    • Skill focus
    • Lead-up game or activity
    • Cool down or  closing activity

    Please look for:

    • High student participation
    • Success for all students
    • Positive peer interactions