• Kindergarten & New Families - Welcome to Ithan!
    Want to do what a day in the life of a Radnor Kindergartner would be? Check out this video higlighting our Radnor Kindergarten classrooms;


    Navigating through a new school can be difficult. Each school has its own traditions, protocols and ways to communicate. The PTO hopes this page will help ease your transition into Ithan! 

    What do I do if my child(ren) are late or need to be picked up?

    Ithan considers your child late after 9:07 am.  If you know you are going to be late, please call Safe Arrival (610-527-1357) and press 3. Also, once you arrive at school you MUST walk-in with your child(ren) and sign them in. If you need to pick up your child (either early or at regular dismissal), send in a note with your child. If you forget to send a note, please call the Ithan main office at 610-527-1357 and someone will notify your child’s teacher.


    What do I do if my child is absent due to illness?

    Call Safe Arrival (610-527-1357) and press 3. This is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will need to let Safe Arrival know the dates of absence, your child’s name and your child’s teacher. Upon your child returning to school, complete the absence excuse card found in the main office, school packets or online.


    What do I do if my child is absent due to family vacation?

    An Educational Trip Request Form must be submitted to the office at least ten days before a planned vacation for the absence to be excused. For more information on this and other absence policies, go to


    What do I do if there is a late start or an early dismissal due to weather?

    Parents/Guardians will receive a phone call from Radnor’s Superintendent, Mr. Kenneth Batchelor, with instructions of a late start or early dismissal due to weather.  Normally, if there is a late start, children start school two hours later. The bus will come 2 hours later from the designated time it normally comes. If there is an early dismissal due to weather, the school’s front office will contact you regarding your pick-up plans (sending your child on the bus or someone will pick them up).


    Ithan Notepads? What are they and how do I get them?

    The Ithan Notepads are a 50 page booklet of yellow flyers to inform teachers of changes with your child regarding dismissal, leaving early, being picked up by someone else other than a parent/guardian or needing to speak with the teacher. You can purchase these booklets for $4.00 in the main office.  The notepads are also sold during Back to School nights in September.


    How do I sign my child(ren) up for a club?

    Visit the PTO website ( and click onto the PTO Clubs tab found on the left hand side of the website. There you will find information regarding the clubs offered at Ithan, what grades the clubs are open to, start and end dates, start times and club chairs.Visit "online Clube Registration" page for information on using to register for a club.


    How will I know what bus my child is on, and can my child ride a different bus for a play date?

    Your child will be assigned a bus at the beginning of the school year.  Information will be mailed at the end of August with the bus numbers and stop location.  Children are not permitted to take another bus home for a play date; parents hosting a play date for children who are not on the same bus must pick the children up from school.  If your child is getting off his/her regular bus at a different stop, you must call transportation and send a note.  The Transportation Department number is 610-293-1947.


    How do I access the student directory?

    The RTSD PTOs and PTSA use the Membership Toolkit App to provide an online directory, class lists, and sign-ups for school and PTO events.  Membership Toolkit also is the primary vehicle for PTO communications such as monthly newsletters, special announcements, and emails from class parents and grade coordinators.  More details on joining Membership Toolkit can be found at


    How do I purchase an Ithan T-shirt?

    If you visit the Radnor spirit gear website (, you can find all sorts of Radnor apparel for your child and family. If you would like a basic Ithan shirt for your child, you can purchase one from the front office.  Your child will need an Ithan t-shirt for school field trips.


    How do I get involed in the PTO?

    The PTO has many committees that work on a variety of programs.  We need the help of parents in order to offer these events and activities at school.  A brief description of each committee can be found at  Please consider volunteering and feel free to contact the committee chair for more information.


    How do I purchase school lunches?

    If you would like your child to purchase breakfast or lunch at Ithan, you will need to register your child at and load money onto their account. Set reminders on your account for low balances.


    What is a Homeroom Parent? What are the responsibilities at Ithan?

    The homeroom parents are the first people the teacher reaches out to for assistance for class projects, parties and communications to parents.  The homeroom parent is not involved during classroom instruction.  The homeroom parent also assists in organizing the teacher gifts.


    How do I stay connected with school and district news?

    Check the IES PTO website at weekly for updated events and information. The IES PTO monthly newsletter (emailed on the first Thursday of each month) contains all of the upcoming PTO and school events at IES.  Subscribe by signing up for Membership Toolkit (more details can be found at The Radnor Reader is emailed by district communications every Sunday and will provide news and events within RTSD schools & the district.  Register for the Radnor Reader at


    What events are held at Ithan and what are they?

    ·      PTO General Meetings: The parent teacher organization (PTO) holds about 4-5 meetings a year for the parents. These meetings will cover what the PTO is working on, information regarding our district news and a possible guest speaker. Some meetings are held in the morning and some are held in the evening.  These meetings are also a great way to socialize and meet other parents at Ithan. All parents/guardians are encouraged to attend.  You can find more information, agendas and minutes, about these meetings on the “PTO Mission, Goals and Meetings” tab.

    ·      Back to School Picnic: This is an evening event (5:00-7:00pm) soon after school has begun. It’s a chance to meet some parents from your child’s class and let your children play with their friends. Organize a group of friends to go with or meet them there!! Bring a blanket, pack food (or slices of pizza usually for sale) and drinks.

    ·      Parent Open House:  This is an evening to hear a presentation from our principal and then visit your child’s classroom. You will have a short presentation from your child’s teacher regarding the material the children will learn through the year and expectations of the children. 

    ·      Field Day: Ithan’s really fun sporting events day held during school hours in October.  Parents are welcome to attend during their child’s class time and observe their children complete obstacle courses, exercise teamwork and play various games.  Parents can take pictures but due to privacy of all children, the PTO and school kindly ask that no pictures of other children than your own posted on social media.

    ·      Halloween Parade & Parties: Normally held around 2:00pm. The children will parade in their costumes around the bus loop by grade levels with their class and teachers. Parents/Guardians can bring family to attend and observe the parade. Music is played, Mr. Midgett is the MC and will announce each class.  Some teachers hold their parties before the parade and some have them after. Please check with your teacher for this information.

    ·      Book Fair: A chance for you and your child to purchase age appropriate books. Parents/Guardians send money to school, and each class will go shopping at the book fair during school hours. Parents/Guardians can volunteer to help set up, assist children select books and clean up the book fair. Look for a sign up genius from your homeroom parents.

    ·      PTO Spirit Day: All of the PTO’s in the Radnor school district organize a day for school spirit. Each school is tasked to have the children wear their Ithan shirts, black, maroon and/or white. No parent participation is needed.

    ·      American Education Visit: An opportunity, in the fall, to quietly observe your child’s classroom environment and instruction. There are 2 sessions to choose from (9:15-11:00am or 1:00-3:00pm). Strongly recommended to keep younger siblings at home.

    ·      International Week: Each year the Multicultural Committee chooses one country the children at Ithan will learn about. It is a complete immersion into the culture. Each child’s class will go through a short presentation about the country, see a video about the country, taste some food, view traditional costumes, folk music and create an arts and craft project. The culmination of International Week is a potluck dinner on Friday evening. Each family is asked to bring a traditional cultural dish indicative from their culture. All family members are welcome to attend and enjoy the feast! Recently chosen countries have been India, Brazil, Australia, Borneo, Russia and South Korea.

    ·      Science Fair: Science fair packets will be sent home in January regarding how your child can participate in Ithan’s science fair and how to create a science fair project. Children will research projects during their library days. At the end of February, the school has their annual science fair. Projects are organized by grade level. 

    ·      Yellow Day: A long-standing tradition started in 1967. Held on the last Friday in February. Children are encouraged to wear yellow to help brighten the classrooms and lift spirits from winter’s “cabin fever.” Winters seem a little brighter after yellow day is celebrated!

    ·      Dr. Seuss Day / Read Across America: An annual reading motivation and awareness program that calls for every child in every community to celebrate reading on March 2, the birthday of beloved children's author Dr. Seuss.

    ·      Heart Heros: A fun week for students during their gym classes to jump rope, get active, and learn about their hearts while giving back to their community with the American Heart Association.

    ·      Arts Night: An art show evening held in April with an art piece selected by your child from their art class during the school year being displayed. There are scavenger hunts and prizes. Students also have the opportunity to share their musical talents in a two-minute performance (singing, dancing, piano or other musical instrument, etc.).

    ·      Spring Thing: The PTO’s LARGEST fundraiser held on a Saturday in May normally between the hours of 10-2pm. It is Ithan’s annual fair with games, rides, prizes, auction items, raffles, food and drinks. Kids and parents love this day. All family members are welcome to attend, neighbors too! Lots of volunteers are needed and donations are requested. Information will come in the late winter/early spring about this event.