• College Credits
    Students can earn college credit for PLTW course work, just like the Advanced Placement courses. 
    Upon completion of Introduction to Engineering & Design, Principles of Engineering and Aerospace Engineering and earning a minimum of 80% in the class and 80% on the PLTW standardized final exam, students are eligible to apply for college credit at one of the Affiliate Universities. Different schools use PLTW credits in different ways. Some use them towards a 2-year degree while other use them towards a 4-year program.

    Credits must be redeemed by the end of the calendar year of the exam. For example students who completed IED in June of 2010 have until 12/31/10 to finish the application for credits.

    There is no charge for taking the exam but there will be a charge from the university to pay for the credits and processing. The charges will vary by school. (i.e. Rochester Institute of Technology is $200 per course and University of South Carolina charges their regular credit rate).  These credits are transferable based on the rules of the students future Institution.

    The grade that will display on the college transcript will be the grade earned on the final exam. Students are required to take the final regardless of their intention to use the college credit or not.

    What if my child doesn't plan to be an engineer?
    Students who plan to attend any 2 or 4-year program may find it helpful to apply to that institution having already earned college level credits. It may also be helpful to have the extra credits even it they don't relate to the students major due to scheduling benefits.