School Board Committees

  • The RTSD Board of School Directors is organized in a committee structure of four members each as per Policy 005. The superintendent assigns school administrators to serve as liaisons to the committees. Each December following Board Reorganization, the Board President appoints the committee chairpersons and members. The standing board committees are: Policy, Curriculum, Facilities, Finance and Government Relations & Communications.

    Committee work enables board members to delve into greater detail than is possible at the full board level. In-depth committee work builds governing expertise among board members and provides an opportunity for substantive discussion on key issues affecting RTSD. Committees assist the Board in the conduct of its affairs and make recommendations to the full Board, but do not take action on behalf of the Board. 

    School Board committees typically meet on the second or third Tuesdays throughout the school year unless otherwise advertised. Public comment is welcome at the beginning and/or end of each committee meeting on items that are or may be before that board committee. For more information on Meetings and Public Participation, please review Policy 006.

    Committee meetings are open to all residents of Radnor Township and are held in the Ground Floor Conference Room at the Administration Building (135 South Wayne Avenue, Wayne), unless otherwise specified.

    Each committee meeting of the RTSD School Board is both live-streamed and archived on the RTSD-TV YouTube Channel