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    Math Center - Room 203

             Welcome to the Math Center! Students are invited to drop in and study during their free or study periods.  If you are in study hall, please make sure to bring a pass from your regular math teacher that allows you to go to the math center during that period.  

             The Math Center functions as a student assist/student study center, with a certified mathematics teacher available during certain periods to answer your questions. Should you need to use technology, several computers are available for your use, along with a dedicated printer.
     The following teachers are in the Math Center during these periods: 

    Period 1

    Ms. DiRico

    Period 2

    Mrs. Staiber

    Period 3

    Mrs. Tyson

    Period 4

    Mrs. Cipollone

    Period A5

    Mr. Delaney

    Period 5B

    Mrs. Goldmann   

    Period B6

    Mrs. Troland

    Period 6C

    Mr. McBride

    Period 7

    Mr. Shilcock-Elliott

    Period 8

    Mr. Nguyen

                 *Teacher not assigned to Math Center during this period