Technical Support

  • The RTSD Helpdesk is a tool that allows teachers and staff to submit technology requests quickly. Teachers and staff can also check the status of their request, and update it with more information. The RTSD Helpdesk allows us to manage our time and resources more efficiently, by understanding the types of technology requests and the work involved. 

    For a tutorial on how to get started, visit the Get Help page. 


Technology Personnel

Benefits: Teachers & Staff

  • The RTSD Helpdesk offers many benefits for teachers and staff.  With the RTSD Helpdesk, you can:

    • Solve minor issues before they become major problems.  The RTSD Helpdesk features a comprehensive knowledge base with answers to the most commonly asked questions, so you may be able to solve your problem without even creating a helpdesk ticket!
    • Track the status of each request.  With the RTSD Helpdesk, faculty and staff can check the status of each technology request.  You can also update your request with additional details, comments, or notes.
    • Create requests for help from anywhere.  You can access the RTSD Helpdesk from any computer with Internet access.  Whether you're at home or in your classroom, it's easy to request technical assistance.
    • Use your mobile device to interact with the RTSD Helpdesk.  Our new helpdesk solution is compatible with iOS and Android devices, so you can interact with the helpdesk on-the-go.

Benefits: RTSD

  • The RTSD Helpdesk is beneficial to the District and the department. By using the RTSD Helpdesk, we have:

    • Better reporting and tracking of technology work.  As technology continues to advance, we strive to provide cutting-edge solutions for each of our classrooms.  The RTSD Helpdesk allows us to understand where and how we are spending our time, increasing operational efficiency.
    • Management of issues affecting multiple locations.  When an issue is affecting our classrooms in multiple locations, we need to know about it.  The RTSD Helpdesk allows us to understand the issues that are impacting multiple buildings, so we can prioritize and align resources accordingly.
    • An integrated support experience.  With the RTSD Helpdesk, teachers and staff can raise requests, check the status of their requests, and review knowledge base articles from one portal.  This eliminates the need for emails, phone calls, and visits to the technology office.
    • Categorization of issues and resolutions.  The RTSD Helpdesk allows us to work smarter, by understanding the most common issues and the appropriate resolutions.  

Additional Help