• Below you will find the websites necessary to apply for your Clearances

    For more information on volunteering in RTSD, please click here.
    Employees, coaches, independent contractors and volunteers must submit updated clearances every sixty (60) months.  Employees can access their clearance dates via the Web Portal under Demographics. Clearance packets should be submitted, in person, to the Human Resources Department (135 South Wayne Ave., Wayne).
    Questions? Please call the Human Resources Office at 610.688.8100 ext. 6049 or 6066 for assistance.

Sexual Misconduct/Abuse Disclosure Release (Act 168)

  • The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has instituted Act 168 of 2014 which will require all prospective applicants, as a condition of employment, to complete additional documentation to be sent to your current employer and any former employers where you had direct contact with children. These forms are to be completed electronically.  If you are under consideration for employment you will receive an email notification to complete the forms.