Art in Radnor Township School District

  • Art education in Radnor Township School District is designed to nurture and develop:

    • The natural joy of creating visual art
    • Technical skill in art production
    • An appreciation for arts and artists- past and present -from various cultures
    • Creative and critical thinking and problem solving skills
    • Visual literacy 

RTSD Art Department

PA Academic Standards for the Visual Arts

  • Academic Standards for the Visual Arts incorporates carefully developed and integrated components:

    • Application of problem solving skills
    • Extensive practice in the comprehension of basic symbol systems and abstract concepts
    • Application of technical skills in practical production
    • Comprehension and application of the creative process
    • Development and practice of creative thinking skills
    • Development of verbal and nonverbal communication skills

    The visual arts represent society’s capacity to integrate human experience with individual creativity. Comprehensive study of the arts provides an opportunity for all students to observe, reflect and participate both in the arts of their culture and the cultures of others. Sequential study in the visual arts provides the knowledge and the analytical skills necessary to evaluate and critique a media-saturated culture. An art education contributes to the development of productive citizens who have gained creative and technological knowledge necessary for employment in the 21st Century.