World Languages in Radnor Township School District

  • The goal of the Radnor Township School District’s world language program is to help develop students into active members of a global society through the study of world languages and cultures.

    • Students will learn to use world languages for meaningful communication in both spoken and written form.
    • The World Language program engages students in using the languages in real life situations.
    • Students develop sensitivity to the cultural and linguistic heritage of other groups, understand their influence on American culture, and become prepared to participate in a society characterized by linguistic and cultural diversity.
    • Students will make cross-curricular connections due to the interdisciplinary nature of World Language study.
    • The World Language program will encourage students to be life-long learners and to develop an enduring appreciation of languages and cultures.

    Students in Radnor Township School District can choose to learn Spanish, French, German, or Latin.  Language education begins in sixth grade with an exploratory course where students sample those four languages so they can make an informed choice about future study.