• RHS 1:1 iPad Program FAQs
    Q: Why a 1:1 iPad program?
    A: Click here to read a letter from Principal Dan Bechtold.
    Q: Is my student part of the iPad Program?
    A: Juniors and seniors will receive the same iPad they used in 10th grade. Incoming 9th and 10th grade students with receive an new iPad.

    Q: What does the one-time technology service fee cover?
    A: The $45 fee covers two things: routine maintenance and the cost of apps. The core apps, the ones all students will have when they receive an iPad, although purchased by the district, become the property of each individual student.

    Q: Can students download their own apps onto the device?
    A: Yes,  students are permitted to enter their own personal Apple IDs on the iPad and download apps.

    Q: What if my student uses our family Apple ID?
    A: Family Apple IDs are fine as long as the family is comfortable with their student using it to download apps for school. Alternatively, students can easily create a different Apple ID, separate from a family account. Directions on how to do that without entering credit card information can be found here.  
    Q: What if my student doesn't have an Apple ID?
    A: Students who don't have an Apple ID or email address should let their teacher know. They will receive help setting up the necessary accounts to create an Apple ID.

    Q: Why purchase the third-party insurance policy from Worth Ave. Group?

    A: The third-party insurance policy from Worth Ave. Group covers the full value of the iPad  if lost or stolen, or damaged due to floods, fires, or power surges. Without this insurance policy, a family is agreeing to be personally liable for the cost of the iPad and power adaptor if lost or stolen or damaged due to floods, fires, or power surges.

    Q: What safety measures are there for iPads during school, after-school sports practices, home games, and away games?
    A: During school hours, students are expected to know where their iPad is at all times. During physical education classes, all students are required to stowe all personal items, including the iPad, in a locked gym locker. Locks are available for purchase from the school store and for loan from physical education teachers. iPad lockers are available outside the cafeteria. The high school recommends that students lock their iPads in an assigned locker during after-school sports of any kind.

    Q: Can the district locate a potentially lost or stolen iPad?
    A: Our wireless management system displays approximate locations of iPads.

    Q: Can the district use the built-in camera to see my child while using the iPad within or outside the district?
    A: No. 

    Q: Can the district see what my child is doing on the iPad, or what is on the screen of the iPad within or outside the district?
    A: No.

    Q: Will the district monitor all student downloaded apps?
    A: The RTSD wireless management system can show apps on any mobile device that uses the district's wireless network, be they iPads or other iOS devices. The district may review apps on student devices to ensure they are appropriate for school and meet the requirements for student downloads as described in the iPad Guidelines and Procedures document. We’d like to partner with parents to ensure that students download apps that are appropriate for school-based work. A student will be asked to delete any apps that may be considered inappropriate for school.