Troubleshooting in School

  • I lost my wi-fi connection at school.

    1. Tap Settings > Wi-Fi
    2. Under Choose a Network, select RHS-iNET
    3. Enter your user name and password
    4. Tap Trust

    Oops! I tapped “Cancel” instead of "Install" when I saw the push notification.

    No worries. Just open the Meraki MDM app. Look for the apps that appear under Missing, then tap the + icon to download them to your iPad.

Troubleshooting Your WiFi Connection at Home

  • Completely close the Safari app (not just minimize). When you re-open Safari, you will have to logon to Lightspeed. This procedure needs to happen daily.

    If you still can't connect try this...
    Go to Settings 1. Wifi > Forget this network a. Turn wifi off b. Select network c. Try #1 again

    Still not working? Try this...
    Go to Settings again 1. General 2. Scroll down to Reset 3. Reset Network settings 4. Try #1 again

    Still having difficulty?  Go to the Tech Office