2021-22 Senior Parking Timeline

  • Date



     Parking letter, agreement, timeline, open campus form, and student information card mailed home to seniors.

    Aug. 16-25

     Window to submit the completed index card and open campus form to the RHS main office.

    Aug. 27

     Senior parking lottery. Assignments will be posted to Schoology after lottery is complete.

    Aug. 30-Sept. 3 

     Copies of the driver's license, vehicle registration, insurance information, parking fee and the competed student parking privilege agreement accepted at RHS main office. Parking permits will be distributed at the time of drop-off.

    Sept. 3

     Last day to submit paperwork for a senior spot (license, insurance, registration, student parking privilege agreement, parking fee)

    Sept. 8

     First Day of School



    • Any senior who received an "F" as a final grade last year is ineligible for a parking permit.
    • Seniors must have their outstanding debts resolved prior to receiving their parking pass. Any senior who does not have their debts resolved by September 3 will be placed on the waiting list. Please come to the main office if you have a question regarding a debt.
    • Any senior who does not have their driver’s license prior to September 8, 2021 will be placed on the waiting list.

    Please reference the Student Parking Agreement for additional information.