• The Physical Fitness course is designed to teach students the 4 components of Fitness. They include: Cardiovascular Strength and Endurance, Body Composition, Flexibility, Muscular Strength and Endurance. A large portion of the class is dedicated to Muscular Strength and Muscular Endurance.   The class meets two times a week.  Students will participate in cardiovascular and muscular strength and endurance activities.



    Radnor Physical Fitness Workout Schedule

    The Radnor High School Fitness Center


    III. Course Goals & Objectives

    As an integral part of the total education program, Physical Fitness is designed to promote growth, health, and the development of each individual physically, mentally and socially. 

    1-Students will be able to identify the major muscle groups in the human body.

    2-Students will be able to list numerous exercises that will work out various muscle groups. 

    3-Students will know the basic fundamentals of lifting weights.

    4-Students will understand weight room safety.

    5-Students will be able to demonstrate proper spotting and lifting techniques.

    6-Students will be able to calculate their target heart rate zone.

    7-Students will be able to list the benefits of cardiovascular strength and endurance.

    8-Students will understand body composition and why it is important.

    9-Students will be able to list the benefits of flexibility.

    10-Students will be able to complete the components of a proper workout (warm-up, work-out, and cool-down) and understand why it is important to perform it in that order.

    11-Students will understand the importance of muscular strength and endurance.

    12-Students will understand why leading and maintaining a life of physical fitness is important.

    13-Students will understand circuit training principles.




    IV. Course Topics (Summary Outline)

    1-Muscular Strength and Endurance

    2-Cardiovascular Strength and Endurance

    3-Body Composition


    5-Target Heart Rate Zone


    V. Assignments & Grading

    1-The student will be graded using PEAKS. This is based on their participation, effort, attitude, knowledge and skill.

    2-The students will be required to do a muscle project or presentation and/ or group work research.

    3-The students will be required to develop and implement a personal weight-training program.