What is a Literacy Coach?

  • The International Reading Association's definition of a literacy coach is…..

    “A reading specialist who focuses on providing professional development forteachers by providing them with the additional support needed to implementvarious instructional programs and practices. They provide essential leadership for the school’s entire literacyprogram by helping create and supervise a long-term staff development processthat supports both the development and implementation of the literacy programover months and years.”

    What a Coach is

    What a Coach is NOT

    •         Resource Provider

    •         Data Coach

    •         Curriculum Collaborator

    •         Instructional Supporter

    •         Mentor

    •         Learning Facilitator

    •         School Leader

    •         Catalyst for Change

    •         Evaluator

    •         Supervisor

    •         The Expert

    •         Whistle Blower

    •         Fixer

    •         Tutor for State Testing

    •         Technology Fix-It Person



Three Essential Principles of Coaching

    1. Forms on-going, job-embedded professional learning that is supportive rather than evaluative.

    2. Involves collaborative dialogue for teachers at all levels of knowledge and toengage in creative problem solving and self-reflection.

    3. Provides a continuum of professional learning opportunities to support adults in theiracquisition and use of specificknowledge, skills, and strategies.

    The Coaching Continuum

    Learning Coach Continuum

    From: Differentiated Literacy Coaching by Mary Catherine Moran