RHS Academic Honor Code

  • Note to the Radnor Community  


    We on the Honor Committee continue to welcome and encourage your questions, comments, and constructive criticism. You can email comments to Carl Rosin (carl.rosin@rtsd.org), or send them on paper to Carl, care of Radnor High School, 130 King of Prussia Road, Radnor, PA 19087.

    • Click here to download the version of the formatted version (ver. 2, updated in fall 2008).
      • Each year, Honor Council members and other nominated student leaders, in teams, traveled to homerooms to discuss this document and -- more importantly -- the concepts behind Academic Honor. One of the keys was to consider ways that a student put in an uncomfortable situation can make the right choice to do the honorable thing. Practical matters like this, to support students as they try to make the honorable choice, rank high in RHS's priorities for the Academic Honor Code.
      • We are grateful to University of Pennsylvania/Wharton School professor of ethics and law Dr. Tara Radin, who volunteered to run discussion seminars for all students during the first week of school, 2007. Her topics included what it means to live in an honorable community. We thank her and all the students who participated in these seminars, which kicked off our Academic Honor Code drive with great vigor.
    • Click here to download the honor committee's bibliography. This is not included in the latest draft, but we post it here because we feel that you might be curious about our research.
    • Click here to download the initial draft of this evolving document: the draft of the Academic Honor Code that was presented and approved by consensus at the August 28, 2007 meeting of the School Board and then officially at the September 11, 2007 meeting.  
    The Academic Honor Code will be a topic of discussion throughout this and subsequent years, as it is designed to be reopened and reassessed. The Honor Council is the body that will coordinate this process, but the redesign is the job of all of us, not just the Council. If you have a suggestion, comment, critique, or question, please address it to one of the members of the Honor Council:
    Some general context information for you to consider as you read these documents:
    • This Academic Honor Code applies only to Radnor High School. (If it is the will of the district, we believe that that relevant concepts of Academic Honor can be adjusted in a developmentally-appropriate manner and so converted -- over time -- into versions that can be applied to our Middle and Elementary schools too.)
    • A segment of some early Academic Honor Code drafts referred to "computer violations", but it has been removed so it could be placed (as it should be) into the Acceptable Use policy that applies to computer usage.
    • We see Honor as having two branches: Academic Honor (pertaining to academic performance: essays, tests, projects, etc.) and Student Conduct (pertaining to all school interactions). We have undertaken the Academic Honor Code task first, and plan to embark on the equally important Code of Student Conduct soon.
    • Please click the tab entitled "FAQ: Frequently-Asked Questions", at the left of this web page, to see the current FAQ. This FAQ continues to develop as we go through this process. If you have a question, it may end up in the FAQ, so please let us know what you're thinking!
    • Perhaps most important: As mentioned above, this is part of an ongoing process on which we enthusiastically request input every year from students, parents, teachers, administrators, and others in the community. It will be reviewed and if needed revised annually. Please be an active participant!


    Thank you for your interest in academic integrity in Radnor!

    Note: a brief history of the Academic Honor Code document:
    A draft came out of a series of meetings held by the members of the Honor Committee in April 2007. It was presented to the community to generate discussion and feedback, which the Committee considered when it met on Thursday, May 3.
    The Committee added to and adjusted the document, and significant (and needed) input was contributed by the district's legal consultants. The Academic Honor Code was presented at the School Board meeting held June 26, 2007, and was addressed again in detail at the July 24 meeting.
    The revised document posted on July 18 was different from the original presentation/posting in that the role of the Honor Council had become exclusively restorative and educative. Other small changes were made.
    At and after the July 24 meeting, the conversation moved toward how and whether this plan would be put into place during the school year, were it to be adopted. The new revision posted on August 2 removed designs for new specific consequences, leaving in place the consequences that had been in the Student Handbook before this year. This revision was made so RHS can focus on the principles and expectations behind the Code, and to allow the entire school to work together, during the year, to develop agreed-upon consequences and other ideas for implementating a Code that is right for all of us.
    Finally, Dr. McAdams submitted a slightly-revised version of the August 2 document, which was reviewed by the Policy Committee of the School Board on August 20, and is posted as the "draft of the Academic Honor Code" in the first bulleted paragraph at the top of this web page. The Board approved this draft by consensus, and approved a few small changes (reworded and more detailed acknowledgements, plus an additional technology prohibition, both on page 5). The edited version, which includes some minor formatting changes, is posted as the "consensus-approved version" in the second bulleted paragraph at the top of this web page.
    The Board voted formally on September 11, 2007 and approved this Code by a vote of 8-1.