Radnor High School Academic Honor Code Committee

  • Purpose of the Honor Committee:

    • To collectively write a formal Academic Honor Code to be proposed to the wider Radnor High School community.
    • To collectively develop consequences that will reinforce the Academic Honor Code, or develop a plan through which consequences will be developed.
    • To collectively develop the responsibilities of each of the following groups under this Honor Code: the Honor Council, teachers, students, administrators, and parents/guardians.

    Faculty Chairs:

    • Laura Hoover
    • Carl Rosin

    Committee Members - 2007:

    • Students: Anna Carragee, Nick Finger, Tom Marchesani, Sara Spector, Annie Kramer (alternate), Charles Smith (alternate)
    • Faculty: Sally Ater, Susan Deratzou, Ilene Goldis-Grayev, Sharon Reardon
    • Administration: Anthony Stevenson, Joe Cannella
    • Community: Lisa Chirlian, Chris Kingsbery, Kim O'Neill, Lydia Solomon
    • School Board: Brucie Rapoport