Reading Resources

  • Books Reading Books at your "Just Right Level" is very important in developing fundamental reading skills.

    How do you know if a book is "Just Right?" Here are a few ways you can check!

1. Five Finger Rule

  • When you are choosing a book, follow this simple rule to find an appropriate book.

    1. Pick up a book.
    2. Read the title and blurb on the back (when available).
    3. Open up the book and read a page.
    4. Put up a finger for each unknown word.

    0-1 Fingers: Fun, fast, and easy.
    2-3 Fingers: JUST RIGHT BOOK
    4-5 Fingers: Too challenging. Try a different book.

3. Is it appropriate?

  • Just because a book is at your "just right" level does not always mean it is appropriate for your age.
    This website features reviews of books, movies, games, apps, & more so parents can make informed decisions: Common Sense Media