• The Choral Music Department at Radnor High School is dedicated to the advancement of the vocal arts. Each semester the students learn masterworks from the choral repertoire and then present a Winter and Spring Concert. Students study not only vocal pieces, but also the basics of sight-singing and music theory. Motivated singers may audition for madrigals (women's ensemble) or B#s (men's ensemble). Both groups meet after school and perform at school concerts and community events.

    Each spring the choral music department presents a muscial production. Students involved in the music department are invited to audition for singing/acting roles or the pit orchestra. This is a fun learning experience which requires a substantial time commitment.


    Meistersingers: Period  5
    Ap Music Theory: Period 3
    Madrigals: After School TBA
    B#s: After School TBA

    AP Music Theory : Offered 2017 - 2018

    Advanced Placement Music Theory is a college level course designed for students who already have a background in music theory. This fast paced course covers such topics as: intervals, triads, seventh chords, dominant harmonies, 4-part writing, voice leading, sight-singing, dictation (both harmonic and melodic), transposition, score analysis, figured bass. In May, students are expected to register and take the AP exam administered at the high school and scored by Educational Testing Services.

    Music Theory I : Offered 2018 - 2019

    Music theory I introduces students to the fundamentals of music. No prior knowledge of  music is required. Students will learn about the different music clefs, the staff, intervals, note values, chords and chord inversions. Sight-singing and dictation are also part of this course. The students will use software to assist their learning and will compose musical compositions. A mid-term and final are part of this course.  

    Meistersingers: Offered Every Year

    Meistersingers is a select group of students, sophomores through seniors, who have successfully auditioned to become part of this ensemble.  This ensemble sings challenging repertoire from choral masterworks to Broadway show tunes.  Members of Meistersingers present a Winter and Spring concert and sing at various community functions.

    Full Chorus: Offered Every Year

    Full chorus consists of every singer in the high school. Freshmen are placed in full chorus to learn proper posture, singing techniques and musicianship. This ensemble sings a wide variety of music aimed at increasing the skills of all students. Members of this chorus present a Winter and Spring concert and may sing at community events