AP Music Theory

  • This course is designed for those students who already have a background in music theory. This is a college level course which moves at a fast pace. You will need to spend time everyday working with both your theory workbook and your aural skills workbook (includes a CD). Homework assignments, quizzes and tests dates will be posted on this page.


  • Your grade will be based on the total number of points you accumulate on tests, quizzes, homework, and projects. That total will be divided by the total possible points, and then converted to a percent.

    There will be a mid-term exam and a final exam.

    Students are responsible for all makeup work.


  • Monday: Insert Assignment Here

    Tuesday: Insert Assignment Here

    Block Day: Insert Assignment Here

    Friday: Insert Assignment Here


  • The Musician's Guide to Theory and Analysis Workbook (MGTAW)

    The Musician's Guide to Aural Skills Workbook (MGASW)

    Baron's Guide to AP Music Theory

    Various Handouts