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    A+ School Rewards

    Help RHS earn free money through the Giant A+ School Rewards program.

    School Name: Radnor High School

    School ID:  26480

    Register your Giant Bonuscard by selecting the A+SCHOOL REWARDS logo above 

    Once registered, Giant will donate a portion of what you spent back to the school.


    Questions: Email Nancy Healy (A+ coordinator) 


    REMEMBER: If you registered your card last year with RHS, you DO NOT need to re-register this year.  If you were with a different school, you can visit the website to correct/change the school assignment. Also, please encourage your friends and relatives register.  This can result in more free money for the school.  

    Once registered, use your BONUSCARD at any Giant and you earn CASH for our school. Each month, the amount of FREE CASH awarded will be updated on the Giant A+ website and in the Radnor PTSA newsletter. Our school will receive a check at the end of the program and the money received will be used to support our school’s educational programs.

    Last year we had 130 Families registered and earned $1739.  

    Help us meet our goal for this year of 300 families and $2500. 

    Thanks for supporting our school.