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The Radnorite

We at The Radnorite strive to generate community through publishing work of interest to the local youth culture. We value keeping current in the marketplace, pushing on the boundaries of traditional journalism and exploring unique mechanisms of promoting and distributing our work–always with an eye to inform, engage, and challenge our readers.

The Radnorite is the student-run newspaper. It is published an ongoing publication that is distributed online at It includes a variety of sections including Radnor Beat, Arts, Opions, Currents, and Sports.
Radnorite is run by student editors but any Radnor student is invited to write for the paper. All students are welcome to attend the monthly meeting and sign-up to write an article. 
Any student who shows an interest in Radnorite by writing articles on a consistent basis, is welcome to join the Radnorite "team" and become an official staff writer. Members of the staff are the ones considered for editor positions.
Faculty Advisors: Rick Dunbar and Trevor Payne
Meetings: The Radnorite meets every Monday in Room 126 from 2:30-3:30 p.m.