Welcome to Schoology

  • Schoology is Radnor Township School District's online Learning Management System (LMS) for sharing and accessing clasroom-related information and communication. Students and teachers use Schoology to organize and access clasroom resources as well as communicate and collaborate.

    After you register your child(ren) in Schoology, the district will create a Schoology account for you as a parent within 5-7 business days.

    You can learn more about the various ways the district communicates and shares information with parents and students at www.rtsd.org/page/22278

What is Schoology?

  • With Schoology, our educational experience can extend beyond the classroom and into the home environment. Schoology enables teachers to post assignments, publish calendars, and make classroom materials available online. Students can also submit their work online, and receive feedback from their teachers within the LMS.

    There are many benefits to a solution like Schoology. Learning that starts in the classroom environment can continue at home, or from any device with Internet access. Teachers can facilitate discussions with their entire class within the Schoology environment, students post comments, access their calendar and resources and submit assignments from anywhere.

    Our implementation of Schoology is also a commitment to preparing our students to be 21st-century learners. As our students prepare to advance to the next stage in their education, facility with online learning will continue to be an important skill to master.

Trainings & Resources

HAC & Schoology Reopening 2021-2022

  • HAC Reopening Dates:

    • RHS - 8/12 (OPEN)
    • RMS - 8/20 (OPEN)
    • Elem - 8/25 (OPEN)

    Schoology Reopening Dates:

    • Courses can be access by students and parents on School Day 1 (9/8)

Schoology Logins

  • New Schoology logins bring enhanced access.

    Login Page: rtsd.schoology.com
    (same as before)
    Login Credentials: Microsoft (Active Directory) Using Clever
    (New student logins)

    Why the change? 

    • Single Sign On (SSO)
    • Same User/Pass as Other Systems
    • Stronger Integration with Other Services
    • Enhanced Automation of Adding & Integrating New Users 

    What You Will See:

    login screen

Questions or Concerns?