• 11 Dive Score Sheet

    This is the form that is used when a diver is entered into an 11 dive competition.

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  • Diving Score Sheet

    This is the standard diving score sheet used by all divers in a meet.
    Things to keep in mind when filling out your score card:
    1.  Circle the dive # and DD.
    2.  Number your dives 1-6 next to the DD that you circled.
    3.  Divers MUST do the required dive FIRST.  The max DD allowed on a required dive is 1.8.  
          (If you do a required dive with a higher DD, it will automatically be lowered to 1.8)
    4.  In addtion to the required dive, you must represent 4 out of the 5 catetories for dives 2-6. 
    5.  No dive can be repeated.  All dives of the same number, regardless of position are considered the same dive. 
    6.  Write the FULL description of the dive in the space provided on the bottom of the sheet. 
          (If you do a 101B, you must write out the dive #, position letter, dive description, dive position and dive DD)
    7.  Changes CAN be made to the sheet until the beginning of the diving portion of the meet.
    8.  Once diving has begun, only position changes are allowed and you will be required to keep the LOWER DD.
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  • High School Diving Judges scale Modified

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