Guidance Curriculum Overview

  • Freshman Year: Freshman guidance will include an orientation to the High School, introduction to the HS Hope program, small group meetings and individual meetings as needed. An evening program will also be available for freshman parents in January covering the transition to high school and the resources and supports available to students at the High School. Counselors also teach guidance lessons quarterly in 9th grade health classes. These lessons include small group introductions, PSAT review and course selection overview, an introduction to Naviance, our college and career planning resource, and our first career inventory. Freshman will also take the PSAT's in October.

    Sophomore Year: Students will take the PSAT's again in October of sophomore year.  Counselors also teach guidance lessons quarterly in 10th grade health classes.  These lessons include the Career Interest Profiler, a career inventory; goal setting and course selection; and an overview of testing, including PSAT's, SAT's, ACT's, and AP's. 

    Junior Year:  Counselors will host a Junior College Planning program for parents and students at the beginning of December.  Admissions representatives from local colleges will present workshops on a variety of topics, including choosing the right college, what happens in the admissions process, and essay writing. Counselors will meet with parents and students individually to review the college search and application process. Students will take PSAT's. Students should also register to take the ACT's, SAT's and any SAT II subject tests that may be required by potential college choices.

    Senior Year: Counselors will host a Senior College Application Evening program for seniors and their parents at the beginning of September.  We will review all of the pieces of the application process and answer any questions that students and parents may have.  Counselors will also meet with all seniors during the first month of the school year to review their individual post-secondary plan.  Counselors will continue to be available to seniors throughout the school year to answer questions and provide support as they make decisions about their post-High School plans.

    Ongoing: Personal counseling, academic counseling, career/major consultation, maintain accuracy of student records/graduation requirements, resource to parents, collaboration with administration and teachers, academic monitoring through report cards, course selection, participate in faculty and department meetings, website updates and newsletters, HS Hope referrals, professional development, and new student registration.