It's Time to Make Your Elections for the 2021 Plan Year!

  • Radnor Township School District Open Enrollment is May 5-14, 2021

    This year we are partnering again with U.S. Enrollment Services to assist in our Open Enrollment and have contracted for their Call Center and Co-Browsing support. We will need for each employee to go through the enrollment process to validate and update demographic information with the benefits counselor to make sure all data is accurate.  The benefits counselor will be trained on all benefit programs available at RTSD and will be able to answer questions regarding your programs.  They will review your current elections and will assist you in making changes or modifications to benefit programs for the upcoming Plan Year. You will simply make an appointment online to set a convenient time to speak to the representative.

    How to Set Up My Appointment with a Benefits Counselor:

    You have the option of speaking to the Benefits Counselor over the phone via the Call Center, or you can view the presentation with the Co-Browsing feature if you are in front of the computer. You can let the representative know which option you would prefer when you call in for your appointment. Simply go online to schedule your appointment at:   or call 800-282-0732 extension 0 for assistance. Once you schedule your appointment time, you will receive a confirmation email and a reminder email the day prior to your appointment.

    What to Expect During My Appointment:

    Your appointment with the Benefits Counselor is scheduled for 30 minutes. During this time, they will verify all demographic and dependent information, as well as discuss each benefit program with you.  This is your annual opportunity to review and ask questions regarding any of your benefit programs.  You also have the opportunity to have someone else on the call with you, if desired.  At the conclusion of our Open Enrollment, you will have year-round access to view your benefits online. 

    The Call Center will be open Monday-Friday, May 5–14, from 8 a.m.–7 p.m.
    Call 877-205-8202 at your scheduled time.

Additional Information on Your Benefits (Effective 7/1/21)

  • Buy-Out Option

    • This is an annual election that MUST be renewed during each open enrollment.
    • In order to receive the cash incentive, provide a copy of your medical insurance card bearing your name or a letter from the employer providing your medical coverage to Human Resources.
    • Deadline for submission is Friday, May 28.

    Adding Dependents

    • Adding dependents for the first time requires evidence of dependent status.
    • Acceptable documents are marriage certificate for a spouse, or a birth certificate for child(ren), or court issued documents establishing guardianship.
    • Deadline for submission is Friday, May 28.

    Life Insurance

    • Employees MUST update beneficiaries this year with the benefits counselor.
    • Offers a Guaranteed Issue for Employees who have not previously enrolled or carry less than $150,000.
    • Amounts over $150,000 in total coverage require an Evidence of Insurability form which can be obtained from Human Resources.
    • Deadline for submission is Friday, May 28th.

Additional Documents