2015-16 Improvements & Renovations

  • Radnor Township School District is proud to have completed improvements and renovations to Radnor High School, Ithan Elementary School and Wayne Elementary School. On this page you will find an overview of the improvements at each school, photos documenting the progress of the work at each school, and recent related resources concerning the improvements and renovations. 

How Work Impacted Each School

  • Construction Update (August 24, 2016)
    We are excited to have completed the additions at both Ithan and Wayne elementary schools. Both additions will be ready for students and staff at the beginning of the 2016-17 school year, while the new playground at IES is scheduled for opening in late September. Take a tour of the new addition at WES here.

    Construction Update (May 9, 2016)

    Ithan Elementary School
    A final punch list tour of the Ithan Elementary School project took place the week of May 2. The district is now awaiting the repairs to the damaged HVAC system and interior components (see March 29 update below).

    Wayne Elementary School
    The Wayne Elementary School project continues to take shape and installation of the hallway flooring is being completed. The final lighting installation is taking place and grading of the storm water management system is being completed.
    Construction Update (March 29, 2016)
    Ithan Elementary School
    Work continues to move forward despite an unfortunate setback the school experienced in mid-March when vandals damaged the HVAC units on the roof of the building after school hours. The Radnor Police have been investigating the incident, which appears to have occurred during an attempted theft of copper. The district is working with law enforcement and its insurance carrier to resolve the matter, however due to the nature of the damages, the renovations at Ithan are now on schedule to be finalized this summer. While this development is certainly disappointing, please know that there will continue to be no disruption to students’ learning as the renovations are completed and that student safety remains the district's ultimate priority.
    Wayne Elementary School
    The renovations at Wayne continue to progress, with the school’s addition on track to be completed by the summer. The ceilings and classroom lighting have been installed, flooring is being installed and we are planning for furnishings.

    Construction Update (March 13, 2016)
    Ithan Elementary School
    The IES addition is completed on the interiors and site work and finish landscaping is scheduled for this spring. Fencing is now completed and railings, stairs and many of the new walkways are complete.
    Wayne Elementary School
    The WES addition is now receiving interior finishes, ceilings, carpeting and lighting. Some significant site work remains to be completed during the Spring in anticipation of a June completion date.

    Construction Update (Oct. 16, 2015)
    Ithan Elementary School
    The roof is being completed and the window systems are being installed. The new playground areas are excavated and stone is being installed. Fire system cabling, data and phone wiring are now being re-installed back to the modular classrooms. Site grading continues and a final design for playground access stairs and walkways is complete. Landscape plantings are to begin over the next few weeks.
    Wayne Elementary School
    The front construction fencing has been removed and the new sidewalk has been completed around the new elevator area. Utilities are being run for the new elevator and a meeting was held regarding the hardware to be used. Those desiring to use the elevator will use an intercom system similar to the one used when entering through any building entrance. The floor slab is nearly complete and the exterior walls are now being blocked in.
    Construction Update (Oct. 2, 2015)
    Ithan Elementary School
    The roof now has its first vapor barrier coating and all masonry is now completed. Site work has begin and the new play areas below the addition have been cut out. Grading has begun around the site and a new temporary walkway to the Annex building was completed. The main fiber optic service for the school was rerouted and the phone service was restored to the Annex.
    Wayne Elementary School
    The front elevator tower masonry has been completed and the fencing will be removed from the front of WES during the week of Oct. 5. At that time, the contractor will be replacing the concrete walkway in that area and our main entrance will be free of the larger construction area. The steel framing is now complete in the new addition and roof joists will be installed, followed by roof decking. The main floor slab will be installed during the week of Oct. 5.
    IES and WES Update (August 23, 2015)
    Students, parents and staff returning to school in September will notice changes at IES and WES as the additions take shape. Our contractors have been made continuously aware of the need to be as least disruptive as possible to each school’s learning environment. Maintaining a safe campus for all students and visitors has been stressed as our top priority and all building materials will be securely stored. More

    Construction Update (June 8, 2015)
    The projects continue to stay on course, with work at RHS taking place during the day, the widening of the driveway entrance, and Radnor Chester Road receiving the base coatings of asphalt. Drainage structures are being placed and the curbing is nearing completion. The WES and IES projects are moving along. Grading permits have allowed for advanced preparation of construction fencing, tree removal and landscape preparation.
    Work Begins
    At RHS, work began May 4. At IES, work began on May 16. At WES, work began on May 21. Visitors to RHS, IES and WES can expect minor delays on driveways and around entrance areas during construction. Staff members, students and visitors will notice construction activities.
    All contractors will have provided the necessary clearances to be on our school sites and will work closely with the district to not be disruptive to the learning environment. Any materials that can be shipped to each site, such as steel framing, will be stored safely within the fenced areas.
    Our designers and contractors have also notified us of their willingness to work with our teachers and principals to provide learning opportunities for students where this might be possible. 

    The district appreciates your patience as these improvements and renovations are completed. As always, student safety is our top priority.

Tree Removal and Replacement

  • All landscaping work involving the removal and replacement of trees at RHS, IES and WES was reviewed and approved by the Radnor Shade Tree Commission. 
    • At RHS, 17 trees will be removed across campus to allow for renovations. Twenty-six trees will be planted.
    • At IES, two trees will be removed across campus to allow for renovations. Nine trees will be planted.
    • At WES, seven trees will be removed across campus to allow for renovations. Twenty-four trees will be planted.

Overview of Work

  • Radnor High School

    All photos taken April 23, 2015
  • At RHS, the work along Radnor-Chester Road began May 4 in preparation for a new traffic light being installed by Radnor Township at the exit near the Field House. Work may include milling and widening of the campus roadway adjacent to the Field House and the installation of ADA ramps and new sidewalks. The new campus roadway will accommodate a left-turn-only lane as well as a right-turn lane when exiting campus.
  • After school closes for students in June 2015, the on-site improvements of installing a new egress roadway along the northern edge of Roland Field and modifying the student parking lot will begin. Sixteen parking spaces will be included along the new egress roadway. The student lot will have 76 parking spaces.
  • A student drop-off area with a canopy will be constructed across from the Student Lot.
  • In the back of the school, the parking lot will be revamped to allow for an additional 29 parking spaces. A one-way turnaround loop will be added at the end of the drive.
  • Ithan Elementary School

    All photos taken April 23, 2015
  • At IES, work on the school's new addition began with the installation of construction fencing, development of access drives to the construction areas and removal of existing landscaping areas. The location of the addition will be in the area pictured above. The addition is scheduled for completion in Summer 2016 (revised from February 2016) and includes approximately 5,154 square feet in two classrooms, walkways and a covered rear entrance canopy.
  • Wayne Elementary School

    All photos taken April 23, 2015
  • At WES, work on the school's new addition will begin with the installation of construction fencing, development of access drives to the construction areas and removal of existing landscaping areas. The location of the addition will be in the area pictured above. The addition is scheduled for completion in Summer 2016 and includes approximately 7,158 square feet in three classrooms, a guidance suite, a technology server room and office, large rest rooms and small group instructional spaces.