• The Radnor Elementary School Parent-Teacher Organization (RES PTO) is, by definition, a partnership of parents, teachers, and administrators. 
    Every parent is a member of the RES PTO. The mission of the RES PTO is to work collaboratively to provide programs and financing to supplement and enhance the academic and social opportunities of the RES students. 


    Please note:  The PTO has a policy that no child shall be left out of an event or activity due to financial need.  Please direct all requests for financial support to Dr. Stevenson. 


  • The PTO creates pathways of communication between parents and staff to explore ways to integrate their initiatives. Through this exchange of ideas, the PTO can structure programming that supports and extends the schools endeavors deeper into the students experience. It gives the students a chance to make connections to curriculum and school themes outside of the classroom. Various committees have been established to help the RES population:

    • to connect as a community
    • to deepen the academic understanding of what is taught in the classroom in the arts, sciences, and mathematics
    • to raise money to support ongoing school initiatives
    • to respect the diversity of our community
    • to help the communities outside our doors

    Further, the PTO seeks to increase the level of engagement of all parents in the school through PTO meetings, principal/parent forums (Direct Dialogue), and targeted outreach for skill-specific parent volunteer opportunities. 

    Fostering Community through PTO Volunteerism
    Our PTO strengthens the RES community by building relationships between children, parents, and teachers. Family fun nights and events are easy ways for RES families to come together.  By volunteering for one of our fundraisers, fun nights or on our committees, you will make new friends and show your kids that you are committed to their education and school.
    The outcome of all these efforts creates many benefits for the school community. These benefits include:
    • a stronger sense of community in a welcoming, collaborative environment
    • better communication & connectivity
    • classroom support for parties & projects
    • student recognition of the positive impact their teachers and parents have on their school & education

    We enrich the education of EVERY RES student
    Every dollar the RES PTO raises through our fundraisers goes right back into our school!  Our greatest annual investment is in Cultural Arts.  The PTO also gives cash gifts each year to every teacher at RES to spend on materials to enhance the curriculum.  In recent years, the RES PTO has appropriated:

    • Smart Boards in every classroom
    • 15 iPads for library curriculum
    • Buddy Bench on the playground 
    • Wireless mics for RES Theater
    • Books for classroom libraries
    • PTO/PTSA Speaker Series