Our Role

  • School Counselors provide each and every student with comprehensive guidance and counseling that reflect their individual needs. The school counselors work closely as a team to support the personal and social growth of the students. We are committed to creating a positive and caring environment of encouragement to help students move forward and pursue their goals.

    The counselor is the first person to contact with any concerns. The counselor can help connect you with helpful resources within and outside the school district. If outside supports are already in place, the counselor can work with the outside resources to coordinate care and service for students, once we obtain signed permission. Please review the documents and forms section for further information regarding the consent forms.


  • Guidance counselors can help connect students and families to our School Social Worker, Christine Kulp. Mrs. Kulp collaborates with school staff and agency providers. Mrs. Kulp can help connect families to outside community resources. Please click here for more information on School Social Workers and other student services.

HS Hope

  • HS Hope is Radnor High School’s Student Assistance Program. Students may be referred to HS Hope for a variety of reasons including the following: Emotional concerns, Drug and Alcohol concerns, Attendance, Behavioral Concerns, Discipline or policy violations, academic concerns, and/or medical concerns. Please click here for more information about the process.