Radnor Township School District School Tax Office

  • The 2020-2021 School Tax collection period ended February 15, 2021. 

    Any unpaid school taxes were turned over to the Delaware County Tax Claim Bureau on February 26, 2021.  Please contact them after March 22, 2021 by calling 610-891-4282 if you wish to get your pay-off amount.

    2021-2022 Tax Bills will be mailed out on or before July 1, 2021.  If you have questions with regards to the rates due to the new assessment, please follow the budget process which can be found Here.  You will find the draft millage rate until the final rate is approval in either May or June, 2021 (see how it can change as we work through the annual budget).


Delaware County Reassessment

  • The purpose of a countywide reassessment is to distribute the property tax burden among properties based on current fair market values. For information on how the Delaware County Reassessment could possibly change the current assessment on your property, effective January 1, 2021, please use th links below for more information: 

    Also, below is a link for information the district received received from a meeting regarding the reassessment on March 5, 2020:

School Real Estate Tax Payment Options

    • Please mail your payment in the envelope provided with your 2020-2021 remittance coupon.


    • If you remit payment via your personal on-line banking system, please include your folio # in the memo section for proper credit.  


    • Online Payments (currently not active)

School Real Estate Tax Payment Due Dates

  • Full Tax Payments

    • August 31, 2020: Discount period ends

    • September 1 - December 31, 2020: Base period extended per School Board Vote on August 25, 2020. 

    • January 1, 2021 - February 15, 2021: All UNPAID school tax payments are due at penalty

    Installment Tax Payments

    • First installments must be received or post marked by August 31, 2020. No late first installments will be accepted. Payment of First Installment must be for the full installment amount listed on the coupon included with your tax bill.

    • Second installments must be received or post marked by  October 31, 2020

    • Final installments must be received or post marked by December 31, 2020.

      Any installment payments made after December 31, 2020 will be accepted with the 10% penalty until February 15, 2021.

Tax Rate

  • Annual Millage Rate:

    •      2020/2021 tax year:  25.5659   

    •      2019/2020 tax year:  24.9181

    •      2018/2019 tax year:  24.1867

    •      2017/2018 tax year:  23.6199

    •      2016/2017 tax year:  22.9262

    •      2015/2016 tax year:  22.1247 

    •      2014/2015 tax year:  21.7122

    •      2013/2014 tax year:  21.7122

    •      2012/2013 tax year:  21.8227

    •      2011/2012 tax year:  21.1439

    •      2010/2011 tax year:  20.8681

    •      2009/2010 tax year:  20.2731

Tax Certifications


    • Tax Certifications cost $30.00 per folio number

    • Checks are payable to: Radnor Township School District

    • Requests for Tax Certifications can be faxed with proof of payment to 610-688-6264 or mailed with payment to 135 South Wayne Avenue, Wayne PA 19087, Attn: Jackie Hanley

    • Please include the folio #, property address, current owners name and your fax # as all certifications will be faxed within 24-48 hours from receipt of request

    • Re-certifications will be processed within 30 days of original request.  After 30 days, you will need to remit $30.00 for an updated tax certification


Homestead Exclusion

  • Act 1 Homestead

    • NOTICE OF PROPERTY TAX RELIEF: Your tax bill may include a tax reduction for your homestead property. If you are eligible, you have received tax relief through a homestead exclusion which has been provided by the Pennsylvania Taxpayer Relief Act, a law passed by the Pennsylvania General Assembly designed to reduce your property taxes.

    • If you are currently qualified for the homestead exclusion, you will notice a line item on your bill showing the amount your taxable assessment is reduced. For the 2019-20 tax year, your assessment will be reduced by $12,323 for a savings of $307.

    • Please call the School Tax Office at 610-688-8100 ext. 6043 or e-mail jackie.hanley@rtsd.org with questions regarding the homestead application process. Applications for Homestead exclusion are issued and processed by the Homestead Coordinator in the Government Center at the Delaware County Court House.

    • Applications are generated from the Homestead Coordinator and will be mailed directly from the school district.

    • The deadline to apply for the Homestead exclusion is March 1.

    • Once you are enrolled and approved for the Homestead exclusion, you will not need to apply again unless you move or sell your property and your current property is not your main

Tax Office Hours

  • Regular Hours of Operation
    Monday through Friday
    9 a.m.-4 p.m.

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