IES PTO Mission, Goals and Meetings



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IES PTO Mission, Goals and Meetings

Our mission is to create a sense of community between parents, teachers and students, in addition we strive to support and enhance the educational experiences of our children.

President: Brooke McDermott
Vice President - Clubs: Melissa Vieira
Vice President - Fundraising: Lauren O’Rourke
Vice President - Communications: Katie Quigley
Treasurer: Jen Hesler

PTO BOARD OF DIRECTORS  2019-2020                
Tronya Boylan, Principal                 

Andrea Albert / Malini Mathur / Keith Nicholson / Andrea Quinn / Lauren O'Rourke / Marissa Benjamin /Jodi Blauvelt / Bridget Comly / Kristen Chryssikos / Michele Haberman / Carolyn Lofgren / Barbara Manzi

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Mission Statement & Goals of PTO

  • Mission Statement
    The purpose of the PTO is to aid the students and staff by providing support, educational and recreational needs and promote open communication between administration, teachers and parents


    The Goals of the IES PTO
    The PTO creates pathways of communication between parents and staff to explore ways to integrate their initiatives. Through this exchange of ideas, the PTO can structure programming that supports and extends the schools endeavors deeper into the students experience. It gives the students a chance to make connections to curriculum and school themes outside of the classroom. Various committees have been established to help the IES population:

    • to respect the diversity of our community
    • to connect as a community
    • to deepen the academic understanding of what is taught in the classroom in the arts, sciences and mathematics
    • to raise money to support ongoing school initiatives
    • to help the communities outside our doors

    Further, the PTO seeks to increase the level of engagement of all parents in the school through PTO meetings, principal/parent forums (Direct Dialogue), and targeted outreach for skill-specific parent volunteer opportunities.

    Benefits of PTO to IES
    The outcome of all these efforts creates many benefits for the school community. These benefits include:

    • a stronger sense of community in a welcoming, collaborative environment
    • better communication & connectivity
    • classroom support for parties & projects
    • student recognition of the positive impact their teachers and parents have on their school & education


    The Fundraising Impact of the IES PTO
    The PTO provides continuous enhancement to the educational experience of the IES students through financial support. Tangible outcome of this support in previous years includes, but is not limited to:

    • Cultural Arts presentations
    • International Week
    • ipads
    • Smart boards
    • New Gym and Playground Equipment
    • Continuing School Traditions such as Field Day, Yellow Day & Popsicle Day
    • Speaker Series events
    • Teacher Wish List Items


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PTO Meetings & Agendas

  • September 6, 2019
    Welcome Back Coffe and PTO Meeting, 9:15 Cafetorium
    November 13, 2019
    PTO Meeting, 7:00pm in Cafetorium
    January 3, 2020
    Principal's Tea and PTO Meeting, 10:00am in PTO Lodge
    April 1, 2020
    PTO Meeting, 10:00 am in Lodge Rm 502
    June 3, 2020
    PTO Meeting, 7:00pm in TBD

    IES PTO By-Laws

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Important Policies

  •  IDs Required for All Visitors to Main Offices as Part of Security Update

    As of the new year, the district upgraded each school's security system to continue to ensure a safe environment for all students, staff, and visitors. As part of this update, all visitors to district schools will be required to provide a driver's license or Pennsylvania ID to be scanned into the updated system. This procedure also applies to visitors whose IDs were scanned PRIOR to the update to ensure the reestablishment of these individuals in the upgraded system. Thank you for your patience and cooperation in our efforts to keep our schools safe and secure. Ithan's main office recommends parents come in at their earliest convenience to have their licenses scanned for the new system so that there are not long lines during large grade level events later in the year. THANK YOU!

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