• PTO Club Descriptions
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    Art Club: Art club teacher provides materials, instruction and support for students who are seeking a creative outlet. Open to all grades

    Before School Sports Club: A non-competitive way for students who enjoy playing sports to meet weekly and play friendly games. Both boys and girls are welcome, including all ability levels. Students learn the importance of teamwork and good sportsmanship while playing a sport they love! Open to grade levels 4th & 5th; open to 3rd if spots are available

    Chess Club: The Chess Club gives students an opportunity to play friendly games of chess against their peers in a low-stress environment. Students of all levels are welcome to come, as help is given to those who need it. Open to grade levels 1st – 5th 

    Coding Club:  BSD Code + Design instructors will help students explore the fundamentals of web development and interactive design that introduces the building blocks of all computer science: HTML, CSS and JavaScript.  Open to grade levels 3rd - 5th

    Cooking Club: A nutrition education program that incorporates unique and kid-friendly vegetable preparations into fun activities. Open to all grades

    Crocheting for a Cause Club: Students will join Mrs. Segal and learn how to crochet as well as help save the environment by making mats for the homeless out of plastic grocery bags.  All finished products will be delivered to a homeless shelter.  Open to grade levels 3rd-5th 

    Drama Club: Drama club give students an opportunity to participate in supervised creative dramatic activities including a final production. Open to grade levels 2nd -5th
    Hip Hop Club: The club is a fun, high energy, Hip-Hop dance class that is ideal for any level from beginner to advanced. Students will learn the latest Hip Hop dances along with the oldest styles that started it all and everything in between! Open to grade levels 1st – 5th
    Lego Robotics Club: Students have an opportunity to build with Lego® bricks, motors, sensors, and other technology and then program an action sequence on the computer to animate your creation. They build a different model each class. Learn through hands-on activity, and have fun exploring and problem solving. Each activity integrates science, technology, engineering, math, thinking skills and creativity. Open to grade levels 4th – 5th 
    Rad Robots Club: A specially designed club for second graders to develop computational thinking skills while engaging in fun robotic challenges. Open to grade levels K-3
    Running Club: The club promotes enthusiasm for running and gives students an opportunity to participate in an after-school fitness program. The club will also enroll in a 5K. Open to grade levels 1st – 5th 

    Science Club: Science club is an after-school club that offers children the chance to do science-related activities that extend and enhance the science they experience in the classroom. Open to grade levels 1st – 3rd. 

    Tennis Club: The club allows kids to sample tennis through supervised play and interactive activities. This program is a great way for kids to be introduced to tennis in a safe, open-play setting at their school.  Open to all grades
    Yoga Club: The club promotes enthusiasm for yoga and gives students an opportunity to participate in an after-school fitness program. Open to all grades