• Interested in helping out at Ithan?
    Consider joining any of these committees!!
    Contact the chairs with questions or interest in joining the group.

    Art Show Committee: Volunteers organize annual Spring Art Show and work with the Ithan art teacher to hang artwork and plan evening. To join this group, contact Melissa Diebold or BrookeMcDermott.

    Back-to-School Picnic Committee: Volunteers arrange a school wide evening picnic held within the first few weeks of school. To join this group, contact Jessica Burke or Erica Blaney.

    Book Fair Committee: Volunteers run a book fair in the library in early November. To join this group, contact Shannon FrigerioKristin KuntzMeg Van Horn, and Jackie Falcone.

    Community Cash Back Programs Committee: 

         Boxtops: Volunteer facilitates and promotes collection of box tops. Submits collections. Please contact Christine Griffith.

         Giant A+ rewards: Volunteer encourages families to register with Giant Supermarket to support IES. Please contact Christine Griffith.

    Community Outreach Committee: Volunteers sponsor activities and collections for those in need in our community. Please contact Amy Wildt or Amy Gatta.

    Cultural Arts Committee: Volunteers arrange for diverse cultural arts programming during school hours throughout the year. To join this group, contact Julie Schultz or Megan Carusona.

    Directory Committee: Volunteers help manage the on-line student directory and ensure that class rosters are updated, contact Katie Quigley

    Family Fun Nights Committee: Volunteers coordinate several family-oriented evenings throughout the school year, such as movie night, dance parties and bingo night. To join this group, contact Terry Kibelstis or Libby Berri.

    Field Day Committee: Volunteers organize and assist staff-run Ithan’s sporting events day, held during school hours in the fall. Contact Devon Nickel.

    Homeroom Parent Coordinator: Coordinates homeroom parents at all grade levels and helps distribute information in September. Works with Grade Level Coordinators. Contact Kristin Kuntz 

    Ithan Beautification Committee: Volunteer assists in gardening aspects at Ithan. Contact Erica Blaney.

    Ithan Publishing Company Committee (IPC):
     Volunteers run a publishing operation assisting every child at Ithan in publishing a book. To join this group, contact Erin McRae or Lynn Malik.

    Library Volunteer Coordinator: Volunteer organizes and creates a schedule for parents volunteering in the library. To join this group, contact Michele Haberman .

    Multicultural Committee: Volunteers assist with planning and organizing events celebrating the cultural diversity of Ithan through various activities & events. To join this group, contact Hala Al-Yaqubi

    Nominating Committee/Volunteer Coordinator: Volunteers secure executive board slate for PTO, recruits committee & club chairs, and creates volunteer lists for each committee. Contact Meg Van Horn.

    Nutrition Committee: Volunteers work to promote good nutrition in school through lunch tastings and lunch tastings of new foods. Works with RTSD Elementary Food Coordinator. Contact Katie Brooks.

    Radnor Education Foundation Liaison: Volunteer is the communication source for information to effectively flow between foundation and Ithan. The liaison can answer questions PTO members have about the foundation and promote the foundation’s fundraising and grant award activities. Contact Heather Hickey

    Radnor High School Scholarship Fund: Volunteer represents Ithan, assists with fundraising and participates in scholarship selection. Contact Shannon Frigerio

    School Supplies Coordinator: Volunteers organize and distribute online school supply kits for school. Contact Katie Quigley.

    Science Fair Committee: Volunteers organize science project submissions, set up and clean up of the fair. To join this group, contact Donald Park.

    Spring Thing Committee: Volunteers organize Ithan's largest fundraiser - a spring fair. To join this group, contact Marisa Benjamin or Erin Croke.

    Teacher Appreciation Committee: Volunteers organize the teacher appreciation dinner in May. Contact Cindy Korenberg, Lauren O’Rourke, or Bridget Comly

    PTO Webmaster: Volunteers design, update and maintain the PTO webpages. Contact Stefanie Gjørven.

    Welcome Back Coffee Coordinator: Volunteer organizes snacks for the PTO meeting . Contact Amy Gatta.

    Welcome Committee & New Student Party: Volunteers welcome new students & organize a party in late summer to introduce new families to the school. Contact Bridget Comly.