• Please note: The PTO and the district do not share parent email addresses and therefore maintain separate communication channels.  The PTOs use MSA for all of their communications; the district has several options available for parents.  Click here to subscribe to the district's weekly Radnor Reader.  For information about the district's various communication options please visit RTSD's Communications webpage.


    The MSA App: In an effort to streamline communications, protect parent contact information, and be more environmentally friendly, the RTSD PTOs use MySchoolAnywhere (MSA), a digital app, for all communications, volunteer signups, and an online student directory. Parents must register their email address with MSA in order to receive emails from their PTO(s). Click here for more information.

    The RHS Newsletter is our monthly e-newsletter sent to MSA-registered parents. It highlights upcoming school, PTO and district events and provides other useful information.  

    All parents currently registered with MySchoolAnywhere will receive a copy of the newsletter. There is no need to subscribe.  Click here for more information about the MSA app.

    The Radnor Reader is a weekly, district-maintained e-newsletter highlighting school-specific and district information and events.  Parents must subscribe to the Radnor Reader.