Recorder Karate

  • Recorder Karate is a reward program that will be used as an incentive for third grade students to practice at home and develop the recorder skills being taught during music class.  Each month we will have a designated Karate Belt Test Day during class, when students will be given the opportunity to play the test song they are currently working on.  Upon mastery of each song listed below, students will receive a corresponding yarn "karate belt" to tie around the end of their recorder.  As in actual karate classes, students must earn belts in the order they are listed below, since each belt signifies another level of difficulty.  Students' grades are dependent on assessments and observation from class activities, not upon earning each belt, but it is expected that if a student is present in music class and practicing at home for five to ten minutes each night, they should be able to earn all belts by the end of the school year.  Please let me know if you have any questions!  


    Karate Belt Songs (in order)

    White – Hot Cross Buns (p. 7) Test Date: October 18-24

    Yellow – Indian Chant (p.11)

    Orange – Pizza Polka (p. 15)

    Green --- Mexican Fiesta (p.20)

    Blue – Game Song (p.22)

    Red – Square Dance (p. 23)

    Brown -- Excerpt from Symphony No. 9 (p. 26)

    Purple – Minor Blues (p. 27)

    Black – Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star (p. 28)

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